The HMGA Water Project hosted the ‘Sharing Water Technologies in Lake Simcoe & Nottawasaga Watersheds’ workshop on February 25, 2015 at ‘The Club at Bond Head’. The Workshop was well-attended with 77 participants representing growers, industry, research and government, in addition to the project team. The presentations covered a variety of topics related to vegetable washwater management. Representatives from MOECC and NVCA discussed stewardship and desired regulatory outcomes. Hydrogeology and geology considerations for the Marsh were presented to enhance the understanding of complex bio-physical relationships with our surrounding environment. The project team provided updates on equipment and technologies being tested; sampling procedures; and information on water quality parameters, discharge limits, lessons learned, and available resources. The day’s program concluded with four research presentations on various treatment systems; pathogen considerations affecting food safety; and pathogen survivability in wash water treatment systems affecting future crops. The day included opportunities to examine equipment and network.

The presentations from the event can be viewed here, and for more information about the project, visit the website.