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The history of the Marsh is as rich as its soil. Learn more about the past and present of the area here.

The Holland Marsh Growers’ Association is governed by a board of directors. More information can be found here.

HMGA partners with organizations to promote research on issues facing the local growers. Summaries can be found here.

Holland Marsh Growers' Association

The Association helps to promote the Holland Marsh’s produce, partners with researchers on projects that impact the growers, help navigate applicable laws and government programs, and work with government and agencies from the municipal to federal levels.

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We promote the Holland Marsh
And It's Partners

In August 2008, the Holland Marsh Growers’ Association was established through a $400,000 grant from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. It is governed by a board of directors who oversee the projects and events the association conducts. The membership includes vegetable growers from the Holland Marsh to the Keswick Marsh and all the muck and mineral growing areas in between.


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