The HMGA’s Annual General Meeting was held the evening of February 2. It was well attended by 31 farmers representing a mix of types and sizes of farms. Following reports by the Chair and the Association, elections were held to fill the 3 open board positions due to the end of Herman Gasko, Kyle Horlings, and Alex Makarenko’s terms. Herman Gasko was re-elected and Tim Horlings and Dom Riga were elected. Dom Riga stepped into the Chair position to fill the vacancy left by Alex Makarenko.

The remainder of the meeting focused on three key areas: future directions, future funding sources, and future research. An open discussion was held and various ideas were debated. The board will review the ideas raised and determine the objectives for the upcoming year.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting, to the board for their work over the past year, to the outgoing board members for their effort, to those who stood for election, and, finally, to Alex for his leadership. Welcome to the new board members and to the new Chair.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for help.