Profile of Agriculture

This report demonstrates the value of the Holland Marsh, as one of the gems in Ontario’s food crown, to the people of Ontario.

We believe it is essential to continue agriculture on this highly productive and unique farmland in order to ensure that Ontario consumers receive fresh produce from our farms year-round. The value of the Holland Marsh goes beyond facts and figures related to farm cash receipts, post harvest activities, and exports, impressive as those statistics are. How is it possible to put a value on having on the doorstep of Canada’s largest metropolitan area, the GTA, this reliable supply of safe, fresh, nutritious produce?

Year-round supply

The soils of the Holland Marsh are particularly well suited to the production of root crops, such as carrots, onions, beets and parsnips. These root crops are able to be stored in climate-controlled conditions after they are harvested. As a result, they provide a consistent food supply of fresh produce throughout the winter and into spring. Greenhouses of the Holland Marsh contribute produce and floral products many months of the year outside of our normal growing season.


Case Studies

The following municipalities contributed funding to this report as well as playing important roles on the Steering Committee.

The opinions and views expressed in this report are the sole responsibility of the consulting firm, Take It Up Consulting Inc, and are not necessarily held or endorsed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) nor the municipalities which contributed funding towards the development of this report.