Disclaimer: The following is an abbreviated version of the files and information available on the CanadaGAP website. It is not a complete source of publications and the final source is CanadaGAP. The information below is focused on the crops produced by the Holland Marsh growers.

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  • CanadaGAP Fruit and Vegetable Manual
  • CanadaGAP Appendices

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  • CanadaGAP Forms
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CanadaGAP Fruit and Vegetable Manual 7.1 2018 (English)
This is the complete manual for 2018 for fruit and vegetable production. Greenhouse production requires a different binder.

CanadaGAP Fruit & Vegetable Manual 7.1 2018 ENG

CanadaGAP Appendices 7.1 2018 
The appendices include supplemental information including standardized operation procedures and on mock recalls.

CanadaGAP Appendices Manual 7.1 2018 ENG

Tips & Tricks

  • A minimum of 2 years worth of historical records must be kept for audits, recalls, or otherwise for those having annual audits. Those on the ‘A’ certifications must keep records since the last audit. This includes all sections, forms, letters of assurances, and certificates.
  • It is suggested to not print off a new manual each year in order to save time. Instead, only print the sections that have been updated and new forms. Annual forms can be reused each year as well if no changes occur.
  • Internal audits are suggested prior to an audit completed by the third-party body. Use the To-Do List to track your progress and complete a Self-Declaration and Self-Assessment Checklist.
  • Include your employees in the process so that they understand the procedures as well as the importance of the program.
  • Any corrective actions to be completed in order to pass the audit must be submitted within 60 days or before the end of the season, whichever comes first.​

Printing Single Pages
Single pages from the above files can be printed instead of the entire file if necessary. Write down the page or pages that are needed; in this example only Form L. Visitor Sign-In Log is required, which is page 29. In the ‘Print’ screen beside ‘Pages’ (shown by the red box) enter the page number(s) and then print normally.